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Why you should choose Spice of Life

There are many things to consider when choosing your caterer besides the cost per person of your meal. Hiring a caterer because they have the lowest prices may not always be the wisest decision since you usually get what you pay for. Every caterer pays roughly the same price for their food, so what reasons are there for differences in price. Here is a list of things to think about when selecting a caterer for your function that will have a factor in the price:

Quality and amount of food - Does your caterer choose only the best cuts of meat and freshest of vegetables? Will there be enough food for all of your guests?

What else is included in the price besides food - Are the dishes, linens, equipment and staff all included in the price? If not, how much are all these extras going to cost?

Food Safety - Does your caterer have a government health approved kitchen, or are they cooking out of their house? Ask to see their kitchen, is it clean and organized? Are the people handling your food FoodSafe certified?

Licenses and GST# - Does your caterer have the required business licenses? Ask to see them! Do they have a GST number?

Insurance and WCB coverage - Does your caterer have business insurance and WCB coverage for their staff? Who is liable if your guests get sick, or if one of their staff are injured?

Staff - Are there going to be enough staff at your function? How are they dressed? Are they professional?

References and testimonials - Can your caterer provide references from past clients? Can you see some of the testimonials provided from satisfied customers?

Available, knowledgeable and likable - Is your caterer available for questions about your event or do you always get an answering machine? How knowledgeable does your caterer seem about food, menu design, and venues? Is the person cooking your food a Registered Chef? What kind of feeling do you get from your caterer, is it a comfortable relationship?

These are just some of the questions to think about when selecting your caterer. Don't let price alone be your deciding factor. Think about the last cheap meal you had in a restaurant, was it the best food you have tasted, the best quality, the best service?

At Spice of Life Catering we know how much it costs to provide top quality food and service for your event. Our promise to you is that Spice of Life Catering will not sacrifice the quality and quantity of food, staffing and customer service for a low price. Our team works hard to provide you with the best catering possible for your hard earned dollar.

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