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Spice of Life Cares...

Spice of Life Catering cares for our environment.  Spice of Life Catering is always looking for ways to become a more environmentally sustainable catering company.

Here are some of the ways we try to make Spice of Life Catering an environmentally friendly business:

  • Menus printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

  • We have removed bottled water from our menus and are serving tap water or filtered water in reusable containers.

  • We use only biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaners in our catering kitchen.

  • We compost 100% of our organic waste and recycle all items that can be recycled. We cater to hundreds of people every week and only have one garbage can of waste sent to the landfill per week.

  • We only use compostable disposable plates, cutlery and cups for our drop off events.

  • We only use compostable cutlery that is 100% biodegradable instead of plastic. (For drop off events).

  • Spice of Life Catering uses Karma Coffee, a Local roaster in Coombs that uses ethically sourced, organic beans.

  • Our teas are blended in the Cowichan Valley at the Westholme Tea Farm.

  • We maintain a 400sq.ft organic herb and edible flower garden. These herbs and flowers are used in our recipes and for garnishing. We use a roof-top water collection system to water the garden, saving 1000's of litres of water per year.

  • Where possible we avoid using disposable dishes and cutlery. We use cloth napkins at most events.

  • We have replaced our old energy inefficient refrigeration with new equipment and have increased the insulation on our walk-in cooler.

  • We have replaced the lighting in our catering kitchen from fluorescent to LED.


Here are some ways to make your event green:

  • Have your guest RSVP by email rather than by mail.

  • Consider eco friendly wedding favours such as tree seedlings, potted herbs, jars of local jellies or honey.

  • Use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for wedding invitations.

  • Use locally grown flowers or herbs for decorating or bouquets.

  • One of our wedding customers planted hundreds of tulip bulbs to come up in time for their April wedding. Very creative and eco friendly!!

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